DSC_0064_2I love designers and two of my faves are Stephen West and recently Steven Berg.

For the last 4 years I have knit along with thousands of knitters around the world, the  mystery shawl patterns of Stephen West.  The last 3 years, I hosted a KAL for these events.  I get so jazzed  feeding off the energy of knitters in so many different countries all as excited as I am to get the first clue.  I love the anticipation, choosing colors, posting progress, and watching everyone else’s progress.

One of my knitting students, who has knit along with me for the last 3 KALs, heard that Stephen West was coming to town and visiting some local shops.  She sent me the link and I jumped on my horse.  I messaged Stephen on Ravelry and asked him what it would take to get him to come and visit our shop.  He sent me a sad face ): and told me that they were already fully booked for this tour, but if I was interested in their next tour, I could contact Steven Berg, the designer he was touring with and was responsible for all the bookings.  I contacted him with little hope and in the meantime, I booked myself into a class at Loop in Philly cause I wasn’t going to miss this opportunity of seeing him.

And the stars aligned.  I got word from Steven Berg’s assistant that they had a single day opportunity.  We could host 2 classes divided by a trunk show. Danique was on board and away we went, planning and advertising the event.  We sold it out in less than a month.

I familiarized myself with the designs of Steven Be and knit one as a shop sample.  I absolutely love it and so has everyone who comes across it.


Its a hat, its a cowl, its super cute.  http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/09-hat-cowl

I had the last 4 Stephen West KAL samples for the shop already so we were ready to host the fabulous duo.

And Fabulous they were!

I walked in for the set up of the day at 8:30 and was immediately greeted by a younger Rod Stewart in a day glo vest.  A good head shorter than Stephen West, Steven Berg was just as large.  He was, yes, flamboyant, but I keep looking for a better way to describe him.  He was filled with sunshine and happy energy and just as thrilled to be spending time with us, as we were to be meeting him.  He worked everyone into a knitting frenzy.

And Stephen West, the gentler soul, was filled with color and creativity.  He gave us tips on choosing color and knitting out of the box, or square.  He moved like a dancer and showed off his designs down the  imaginary runway of our sales floor.

We all felt special to have been in the presence of this fabulous duo.

It was a magical day.

DSC_0085DSC_0053_2DSC_0119 DSC_0168 DSC_0213 DSC_0276 DSC_0346 DSC_0365



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