I love nothing more than creating blankets.  I love gathering colors and textures from all over and then figuring out how to turn them into art pieces for the people I love.  I have been wanting to write a book about teaching people to create their own.  What do you think?

I started with my first work for my daughter, Ali.  It was about the time she got her first dog, Fonzie.   fonzie








He came from the woods, hiding out in the carcass of a deer, to the shelter that gave him the name that suits him just so. His blanket was inspired by the patterns of the forest and the colors of my daughters living room.

fonzies blanket
fonz throw

While making the blanket, I began taking notes on how to create a freestyle throw.  And then I taught a class, and then another and then another.  Each class brought about more and more creations from students who were able to think outside the box.

IMG_2744 (1) IMG_2762 IMG_4637IMG_2798









I had been gathering moroccan colors for my daughter, Jill.  She loves bright colors.  I was jazzed to create with so many pretty hues, each section made me smile.












Her photos were taken on the River James in Richmond where she and the blanket live now.








My most recent design was created for my cousin Robert, who got married for the first time, at 51.  He and his wife Laila are fairly conservative, but modern in their tastes.  I had asked him for a pic of a rug he had purchased as if I were interested in buying one for myself.  I got the inspiration for the design and the colors from the room and began on Christmas day.  This past weekend was his wedding. It was at Glasshouses in Manhattan in the Chelsea Arts Building.  It was a beautiful wedding. I bought a large, shiny, white box and wrapped the blanket simply in tiffany blue paper with a satin ribbon.  Everyone told me, there would be a gift table, and no one would know the big ass box was from me.  So after walking through the art galleries while we were waiting 45 minutes with the big ass box in my arms,  I was able to drop it off at the gift table, where my big blue box sat all night alone with the envelope box.











I love to say goodbye to my creations after my daughter has taken some photos to remember them by.

This one went to the bride and groom.










And now…I have clear boxes that sit on my shelves filled with colors that will inspire my next blanket and my next, and my next.



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