I’ve been a private music teacher for the last twenty three years.  Some of my kids begin in grade school and I have the privilege of watching them grow into beautiful young men and women.  They leave me when they go off to college, some coming back to sing and play with my younger students for a year or two. Sometimes at random moments during my afternoon classes, I’ll get a text that they are thinking of me. I listen when they are sad and cheer them on when they stressfully apply for colleges.  I consider it a gift to share something so much a part of me with them.  I miss them all.

In 2010 when I began knitting, I thought of a way to leave them with a bit of me when they go.IMG_0194

This is Sam.  After 7 years of piano
and guitar lessons, he headed off to Northeastern University in Massachusettes.



I hear its cold there so a hat in school colors seemed like a good idea. The Emerson in Red and Gray


Below Left: A mini k1below rib for Sarah headed to Muhlenberg

Center:  Two Rib Infinity headed with Marlena to UPenn http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/two-ribs-infinity-scarf

Right: A simple Rib made with Manos for Sara and headed to USciences in Philly.

IMG_2853 IMG_2028 (1) IMG_1184










Elizabeth was always interesting.  When kids were doing Taylor Swift, her choice was a crazy Anime number.  She made me smile.  But, when I thought of a hat, or a scarf or a cowl in her Stockton School colors, I knew she most likely would never wear it.  So Gamzee it was.  A character from her cosplay game Homestuck.  I think she loved him/her.

IMG_2881 IMG_2890










And then there was my Sammy with the voice of an angel.  A Gaptastic Cowl in Stockton School colors.












And this year I had to say goodbye to my Katie.  A kid I’ve had since she was in third grade. An amazing musician, both on the piano and on the guitar and my right-hand man every year at our benefits. She is headed off to The University of Delaware for the World Honors program to study, this fall, in Rome.

And since she had been with me for so long, I decided to create a piece for her.  K-k-k Katie’s K-k Cowl, made in Katie’s colors.  My daughter modeled it for the pattern, but Katie wears it on the lawn.  I sang that old song to her pretty much every time she came for a lesson when she was a kid.  Crazy old piano teacher.

DSC_0289 IMG_5719 IMG_5016

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