My daughter Ali is moving again.  She is leaving Brooklyn and heading to the burbs. Her house is a sweet little thing that sits on a hill.  It was built in the 20’s and is surrounded by beautiful trees.  It’s blue and red on the outside which will inspire her to change her inside colors.






When she moved to a new place in Brooklyn and got her first dog, I designed a throw for him to pull all the colors of her home into one room.  A blanket to make Fonzie feel at home.



So now it seems right that as she begins again, so will I.

I love the colors she has chosen.  A deep red sofa, woven orange chairs.  Together she and I will paint a long single wall a deep blue green to match the Karastan Carpet made from plastic bags that she ordered.

I began with a Dream in Color shade that she noticed was a dead on match for her sofa, Pomegrenade a deep red.  I had a skein of American Beauty Rockstar by Tilli Tomas that I interspersed with the DIC for sparkle and weight.




I was inspired by the fabric she chose for her mid-century modern chairs, a retro, nubby orange, Holiday Yarn had a burnt orange that worked well. I found a tosh that was a brighter shade of the Jamestown blue-green we would paint. And finally into my stash for some accent yarns that I would hold together.



And I began swatching I wanted a similar gauge with all of my different yarns.  It would require using a smaller needle on some fatter yarn which created a denser fabric.  I would use it for the beginning middle and end for stability.  And as I swatched, a sunset appeared and my theme was created.

img_5733 img_5789






I discovered a lovely little bird pattern inspired by a Vermont summer.  I made them fly through the deepening blue sky.

I wanted the blanket to be a mirror image of itself so when my daughter folds it to sit on the sofa, the birds would be flying up, not appear as bats flying at you.  I would create two halves and Kitchner them together.

Finally.. my night sky as the last of the sun disappeared.  I wanted to incorporate some beads here as I had on each end in the red sections.  And I wanted them to twinkle like stars.  Unfortunately, there was not a skein of Tilli Tomas Rockstar in deep blue available.  I found a clear bead with a silver lining that I randomly knit with Feza silk into garter stripes along with the Acadia of the sky.

Ali, and her husband Larry loved it as their Christmas Gift.

I am happy with the finished throw and my daughter Jill, up for the weekend, snapped some lovely photos for me.









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