When I head south, it’s generally to visit my favorite place in the world.  New Orleans.  But one day a short time back, I made a list of all the places I would like to visit before I die, and I realized it won’t happen unless I vacation more frequently and hit some new places.  Also it might help if I incorporate my work into my travel.  I need more Europe.  So we made a list of places to visit with my family for Easter.  When that didn’t work, we decided we would try a long Memorial Day weekend and go somewhere new.   We found a great rental in Savannah, Georgia  and for 4 days at the end of May, the five of us headed south not to New Orleans our favorite place. (that’s the last NOLA comparison I will make)

I knew nothing about Savannnah when we chose it and I was busy selling a home in the lead up to our trip so I didn’t do much research.  My daughter Ali has taken over as our researcher/booker on family vacations and that’s ok by me.  We arrived without incident, save the over-deodorized Lyft vehicle that took us to the airport and the delay that got us into town around midnight, way past check in.  Jill who was traveling from Richmond, had already spent a day there and thankfully for us heard our cries from the streets of Chatham Square to let us in. We had rented an old 3-story townhouse that was a part of a B&B in the center of this beautiful square.

                                             At night & in the morning where I would knit.










There was plenty of room for all of us to gather or seek solitude in the house and the beds were comfy.  It was a good choice and centrally located, which isn’t saying much.  Savannah is a five mile square riverfront city and walking top to bottom or side to side is easy enough from any of the squares.  The beautifully landscaped  shady squares are situated throughout the city and make the walks interesting and doable on hot southern days.  Our first two days in town were perfectly wonderful, slightly breezy, sunny and 78-80 degrees.  We spent the first one exploring.


Squares with trees filled with spanish moss and fountains




We walked down to the river







Saw some amazing old architecture









We had lunch at the Pink House, maybe the best meal we had while we were there and there were plenty of good ones.  I had Raw Oysters and an arugula salad with toasted candied local pecans and fresh strawberries.  Simple, but perfectly executed and delicious.  My family chose the fried chicken and shrimp and Ali of course chose gumbo.  I  don’t want to make a comparison to any other southern chicken or gumbo here.  Though too much eating in general, it was a lovely day.

Our second day in town we headed for Tybee Beach to visit the southern shores of the Atlantic.  After our smelly incident with the Lyft driver, we decided we would go back to Uber and give them a shot. The beach was a 30 minute drive from the city.  As the car pulled up, I looked around convinced someone was smoking ganja in Chatham square.  My daughter opened the door to the Uber and we were all blasted by the familiar smell.  She was tatted and dreaded with a bottle of water in one hand and the directions on her phone in the other, but she could drive with her wrists.

We piled in and headed for the ocean.


The amazing clear, warm Atlantic Ocean  

not like the one we are used to  





It was a perfect day for the beach and I’m so glad while visiting a city we chose to get away for the day before the weekend crowds.

One of my favorite things to do when traveling is to test the local produce.  In Washington, it was the Ranier cherries, in Florida the oranges, in California, of course, the wine.  We were fortunate to be a square away from the weekly farmers market and we headed there to forage for lunch.




The Square  (I think Forest had a bench here)








The people







The harvest





After an easy afternoon we headed for ice cream again at  Leopolds an amazing place. And then the Crystal Beer Parlor for dinner.

We had one half day left and  my next favorite thing to do in a new city is to check out the music. Savannah was really not the place for this, like some other southern cities we have visited.  And since I had already been to the LYS and purchased some beautiful blush colored silk and japanese paper yarn,  the next best thing on our last day was to see some local art.   We decided to head to the SCAD Museum of Art .   This was a great choice.

Thought provoking, inspiring, raw and invigorating, the museum highlights artists past and present who attended Savannah College of Art and Design along with artists from around the world.  My favorite exhibit was infinity lines by Chiharushiota.
















I didn’t hold it against him for using Redheart yarn.

And that was our trip to Savannah, not like any other southern city we know.


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