The Tin Can Sailor

Sal was one of the best people I have had the pleasure in my life to have known.  He was sweet and funny.  He was clever and sensitive.   He was smart and creative.  He was my friend. Sal and Gina were my mom’s dearest friends.  They grew up together in the Bronx and then… Read more »

I Wonder

  Where does inspiration come from? I’m sure it’s different for everyone, but for me its everywhere or I should say anywhere. My magnolia in the springtime, the shadows on the bottom of the pool, the beautiful old woman in the coffee shop, birds.  Patterns, colors, shapes, textures…  Before I knit, I had no way… Read more »


    My daughter Ali is moving again.  She is leaving Brooklyn and heading to the burbs. Her house is a sweet little thing that sits on a hill.  It was built in the 20’s and is surrounded by beautiful trees.  It’s blue and red on the outside which will inspire her to change her… Read more »

Arne & Carlos

    In September we had the privilege of hosting Arne & Carlos, two wonderful men from Norway who have a lifestyle, I must admit, I envy.  They split their time traveling around the world, meeting new peeps and teaching their unique and traditional patterns to small and large groups; and living a self-contained lifestyle… Read more »

Northern Michigan

  I don’t wake up early here, even though the sun streams through the bedroom door that opens to the deck that steps to the beach that leads to the bay that drops down from the great lake Michigan.  As I sleep, the breeze through my door hits my face like fairy dust.   The smell of the beautiful… Read more »

For My Students

I’ve been a private music teacher for the last twenty three years.  Some of my kids begin in grade school and I have the privilege of watching them grow into beautiful young men and women.  They leave me when they go off to college, some coming back to sing and play with my younger students… Read more »

Blankets, Blankets, Blankets

I love nothing more than creating blankets.  I love gathering colors and textures from all over and then figuring out how to turn them into art pieces for the people I love.  I have been wanting to write a book about teaching people to create their own.  What do you think? I started with my… Read more »

Mizu Kimono

My thought process for the Mizu was about finding a way to create a shrug that was attractive and hung like a kimono.  It started with a mathematical formula that customized a fit of a very simple design.  I added a bit of colorwork  and really tested the meaning of stitch definition.  It’s important to use… Read more »

The Simply Swinging Vest

I hate to say it’s been awhile again, but I will. Back in April I published my first pattern for sale on Ravelry.  My ravelry store is Francini Knits. The process of designing and writing a pattern was super fun for me.  It seems that just when you think you have it all right, its still… Read more »

Stephen & Steven Mix Tape Tour

I love designers and two of my faves are Stephen West and recently Steven Berg. For the last 4 years I have knit along with thousands of knitters around the world, the  mystery shawl patterns of Stephen West.  The last 3 years, I hosted a KAL for these events.  I get so jazzed  feeding off… Read more »


      I worked the Vogue knitting show with my LYS this month. We packed up at 9 a.m on Friday and headed up to the show for a 12:45 set up time.  There was no stopping til the booth was set up and ready for company. Street vendor dinner and a run to the ladies… Read more »

  • A New Year of Knitting

    After Christmas I realized two things.  I could do more, but never enough. Over and over the saying so many projects so much yarn so little time rings true.  I never did do the art mart.  Designing is so much fun, but takes a lot of peaceful, thoughtful time.  I am looking forward to doing… Read more »

  • Holiday Gift Pics

  • Christmas Time is Here

      With my daughter’s wedding come and gone, I can hunker down and do some serious knitting for Christmas gifts.  In an age where immediate gratification rules our online purchases, the best gifts I have received are thoughtful homemade items that remind me of the giver. Beautiful knitted pieces are gifts of love passed from… Read more »

  • Wedding Day

    My daughter was married this Sunday. She smiled like it was Christmas and she was five. Like five minutes before we dyed our Easter eggs. Like her first time in Disney. She was amazing. And she was beautiful. She wore ivory organza. A simple dress no beading just lace – strapless and fitting with a… Read more »